Client Install: 3CX VoIP Phone System for a Conveyancing firm

This week we went live with a new 3CX VoIP telephone system for a Brisbane based conveyancing firm. Our client had been having significant issues with their existing phone system through another supplier, which frequent outages for up to a week at a time and was unable to be used by staff working from home, they had finally had enough of the lackluster performance and were at the end of their phone contract it was perfect timing to reach out to us for a quote on a new system.    The firm have been utilising our Maintenance & Security and Microsoft 365 Backup and Security plans for a number of years and were also keen to have us look after their entire IT infrastructure and have a single point of contact.

The Requirements

To improve their customer service and give staff more flexibility with our client wanted a phone system that could:

  • Be accessible to staff 24x7 on multiple devices whilst also giving them the ability to forward to other extensions or go into do not disturb mode when needed
  • Give each of their team their own direct contact number that clients could reach them on
  • Give each staff member an extension to allow call transfers and internal calls
  • As the firm has 2 different brands for their business they wanted to ensure it was easily identifiable which brand was being called so that their staff could answer the call with the appropriate greeting
  • Provide the ability to set a call flow to ring certain extensions when either of their 2 main numbers were called to ensure all calls were answered
  • Centralise voicemail for all numbers to be on the Reception extension with voicemails sent as an attachment to a central mailbox
  • A generic after hours and holiday greeting with calls immediately directed to Voicemail during the applicable times
  • Modern and easy to use handsets and headsets for staff
  • Be expandable as they increased staff numbers
  • Not break the bank! 
The solution

After discussing our new clients requirements including likely number of concurrent calls their team would make, call destinations and the locations of the team, we recommended an 8 line 3CX VoIP Business Phone System.

The 3CX system means that each of the team has their own direct phone number that they can call clients from and make use of the unlimited national calls and calls to 16 other countries that are included as part of their monthly plan.


Our monthly costs for the following services were just $45+GST per month, per user:

  • Hosted 3CX Enterprise system including daily backups and all updates.
  • Unlimited Australian local, national, mobile and 13/1300 calls and calls to 16 countries including NZ, USA and the UK (check out the huge list below!) .
  • 800 hours of space for call recording if you wish to record calls.
  • Unlimited extensions on physical handsets, mobile phone app or PC app.
  • Unlimited remote PBX support including user moves, adds and changes.
  • Access from anywhere in the world you can get internet just like you were in an office.
  • Additional 1300, 1800 or direct dial numbers for Australia and direct dial numbers for other countries such as New Zealand are also available at an additional cost.

That's right, we include calls to the following 16 International destinations to both Landlines and Mobiles unless noted, excluding any premium numbers

New Zealand Ireland Denmark
Singapore Malaysia Brazil
USA India Italy - Landlines only
Canada Spain - Landlines only Norway
Germany Switzerland - Landlines only Sweden - Landlines only
UK Greece - Landlines only


The first step in implementing the system was to begin the porting process for their main 07 number, the creation of a new number for a secondary business and the creation of a 100 number range to provision their direct dial numbers, having a 100 number range also provides huge flexibility long term for expansion of team numbers or business brands.

Porting is moving the number from one carrier to another, similar to changing your mobile phone provider.

Depending on the complexity of the port such as whether it is a single local number or a range of 100 numbers the time to port can be anywhere from 5-20 business days, this is of course based on the porting authority accepting the port and having all of the information required to request it.

You can check out our VoIP Porting Request form to find out the sort of information that is needed to port your numbers.

Whilst we were waiting for the numbers to port and be created we began the build of the 3CX system including working with our client to determine:

  • Extension numbers for each staff member
  • Handset and headset allocations, we were providing Yealink T-53W handsets and Yealink WH62 Bluetooth headsets 
  • Routing for voicemail notifications
  • The call flow for inbound calls including ring duration, ring groups and fallback queues for when calls were not  picked up within the specified times
  • Standard business hours and holidays to allow for alternate call flow programming as needed
  • Recording of Australian accent greetings for After Hours and Holiday voicemails using AI

With go live day edging closer David attended our clients' site to setup handsets and headsets for each of the users, whilst we also remotely installed the 3CX desktop app and integrated it with the Yealink Headsets, showing users how to answer calls via the headset and mute calls by simply lifting up the microphone. 

We also sent out welcome emails to all of the new users along with instructions for how to use the 3CX system with everything from transferring calls to changing their status to do no disturb to turn on during meetings for instance.

The welcome email contained information on their extension number and provided links to the web portal where they could download and provision the 3CX desktop app on another device if needed and also scan a QR code to provision their extension on the 3CX mobile app on Android and Apple.


Our client now has a fully operational VoIP phone system that their 20 staff love, they have been making calls both internally and to clients with ease both in and out of the office.

We have received really positive feedback about the smooth process getting the phone numbers ported and the 3CX system set up.

The staff are absolutely loving the headsets too, they can head down to the kitchen whilst still on a call, or have Spotify or YouTube running on their computers, which will then mute when a call comes in, and of course they also integrate for Teams and Zoom calls too. Another bonus they love is that they can just click on a phone number for a client in their Triconvey conveyancing software and it will bring up 3CX to make the call. They are also starting to add clients to the 3CX company contact list that everyone can access, something not previously available on the old system.

The 5 staff that work from home previously had to be provided with a mobile handset purchased outright coupled with a Prepaid SIM, now they can have direct dial phone numbers and access the 3CX app through their work supplied laptops with integrated headsets or as an app on their personal mobile, which of course also saves the business the large upfront and ongoing separate cost with Telstra.

The firm also has a new starter joining the team in April, they will be based for home in Victoria, another bonus with 3CX is that they will be able to seamlessly join the system and utilise 3CX as if they were in the office as well.

Needing to setup a new VoIP phone system or setup a new office? 

We have a number of turnkey solutions available to suit any budget, just give us a call on 1300 778 078 and we will get you on your way to new technology solution.

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