Automatic Email Signatures

Millions of businesses send emails every day, meaning that the potential to reach new customers or promote to existing ones is endless.

Wouldn’t you love to capitalise on this potential brand exposure just by hitting send?

FortiTech has got you covered with our Automatic Email Signatures for Office 365. With the ability to design and set up automated email signatures across your business, whether you 5 or 50 staff, our Automatic Email Signatures can be custom designed to suit your needs. Would you like consistent branding company wide but you also prefer for your sales team to have a different signature to your admin team? or maybe you want to track analytics for a marketing campaign, with Automatic Email Signatures for Office 365 you can.

We partner exclusively with CodeTwo to design and implement Automatic Email Signatures in your Office 365 tenancy.  FortiTech manage the project from end-to-end including the design of your preferred signature, integrating with Microsoft Azure AD,  creating rules and assigning users to each signature and then testing across multiple platforms.

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Your signature will be the same, no matter whether you send it from your computer or mobile device.

Why Business Are Using our Automatic Email Signatures

      Display different office addresses based on the location of your staff

        Create rules to send specific signatures to certain recipients

          Select which signature to include based on the role of the staff member

            Integrate tags and links to gather web analytics data and track your marketing campaigns


            Add promotional banners, links to social media pages or online booking systems. 


            Keep to your brand by incorporating your business logo, font and colour scheme into your signature.

            "Our email signature project involved 7 different brands, we are very happy with the outcome and have had a number of bookings through our HubSpot links and increased traffic to our social media profiles that feature in our signatures."

            Michael Elliot, Owner, JJ Promotions