Out and About: Doggo's and Donuts

David had an unexpected encounter of the furry kind when visiting a client this week. Find out what it was in our latest blog.

Tech Tips: Adding Microsoft 365 email accounts to mobile devices

If you need access to your emails on the go, then installing the Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile phone or tablet is a great solution. The Microsoft Outlook app gives you seamless access to your emails and calendar with a sleek look and feel, find out how to set up your own mailbox or a shared mailbox in this weeks blog.

Updates to MYKI Password Manager

A few weeks ago we covered off the installation instructions for our preferred password management tool MYKI.   This week we cover off some exciting new updates and improvements to MYKI's browser extension.

Client install: Automatic email signatures with CodeTwo for Office 365

CodeTwo is automatic email signature software that integrates with Office 365 to include specific signatures on an email based on groups of users you choose. You can change them based on staff roles, holiday periods, special promotions and more. find out how in our latest blog.

Tech Sup'pawt' update

Our tech sup'paw't interns Boo and Skie have reached their 6 month performance review, find out how it went in this weeks blog.

FortiTech helps bring history to life

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, together with re-enactors, jousters, performers, food vendors and merchants, deliver one of Australia’s premier living history events and this year FortiTech is proud to be a sponsor of the Abbey Medieval Festival. Find out about how we are helping bring history to life in this weeks blog.

Tech Tips: Using Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive

Last month, we covered a recent client install of SharePoint in conjunction with OneDrive. This month we run through some top tech tips on how to make the most of the file collaboration tool.

How to setup and install MYKI password manager

Subscribers to our PC and Server Security plans get access to a great password management and authentication tool called MYKI. Find out how easy it is to install and use in this weeks blog.

Client Install: CCTV as far as the eye can see

Are you looking to protect your premises and also want to check-in live wherever you are?   You are not alone, we just completed a CCTV install for a client that is able to do just that, find out how it went in this blog.