How to connect your work desktop PC to the Internet at home

With the unprecedented upheaval of the COVID-19 we have had a number of clients who have quite literally had to ask their staff to take their desktop PC’s and monitors from the office and work from home.  Being desktops rather than laptops, this has presented some challenges, as unlike laptops, desktop PCs aren’t designed to be moved around and are often not equipped with wireless adapters, so how can they connect to the internet? Find out in our latest blog.

Free Template: Pandemic Action Plan

FortiTech has released the first in our series of free policy templates for businesses, jump onto our latest blog to download it.

What is the Dark Web?

You may have heard the term the Dark Web bandied about a lot in recent years, but what is it exactly?

David Speaks:  Security Assessments & Technology Policy

This week David hosted a webinar with the College of Law's Centre for Legal Innovation focussing on Security Assessments and Technology Policy.

David speaks: Centre for Legal Innovation Cyber Security Panel

Can we ever really be cyber secure was the question, in short the answer is no, but as the audience of Monday's Centre for Legal Innovation discussion found out, there are certainly ways to manage cyber risk, find out the key takeaways in our latest blog.

Tech Tip: How to upload staff photos in bulk to Office 365

Do you work in a large organisation, or just like the idea of putting a face to a name when you send an email?  Then we just might have the solution for you in this week's blog.

Can we ever really be cyber secure?

Can we ever really be cyber secure?  It's THE question of our time so it's something every law firm/legal department should be concerned about, right? Join us on Monday 10 February to find out

Client Install: 3CX VoIP

It wasn’t all baked ham and pavlova in the FortiTech office over Christmas / New Year, but it sure did help fuel us through the two VoIP system installs that we undertook during the break.

December FortiTech Newsletter

The end of 2019 is fast approaching and now is the time to order any new hardware to ensure it is installed before the end of the year (one less thing on your 2020 to do list!).