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  • Are you compliant with the Notifiable Data Breach laws?
  • Are you securing and backing up your cloud systems such as Office 365?
  • Are you investing in the right areas of technology to support your business goals?
  • Are thoughts of cyber security attacks keeping you up at night?

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How we make your business smarter 

  • Audit

    Objectively measure your current technology landscape

  • Advise

    Actionable advice to align technology to business goals

  • Integrate

    Technology solutions that fit seamlessly with your business

  • Maintain

    Keeping your technology working reliably day after day

The landscape has changed and businesses are now heavily reliant on technology for the day to day operations of their business. From the road to your office to your boardroom, technology underpins your interactions with your clients and the performance of your business. At FortiTech we believe in understanding your business first, then providing reliable technology advice, solutions and ongoing technology support with emphasis on ensuring your business is always secure.

It's the smarter choice for your business.

We listen to your business goals and direction then tailor a comprehensive end-to-end technology solution comprised of monthly vCIO advice, regular technology & security audits, cyber security protection, cloud services such as hosted servers and Office 365 and all the necessary hardware and software bundled together with the 24x7 technology support so we are there when you need it most.

"The team at FortiTech are great to work with. They understand the commercial reality of a business requiring the latest technology to enhance functionality while considering the financial ROI."

Stephen Brake, Meritous Accounting & Advisory



The Top 5 techniques used to hack your password

Passwords are often easy to crack, reused and, in today’s era of biometrics and cryptography, are an outdated way of protecting an account. In this weeks blog find out some of the most common, and most effective, methods for stealing passwords that lead to data breaches.

David Speaks: Turning your staff into Dark Web Defenders

Today David hosted another webinar in conjunction with the College of Law's Centre for Legal Innovation as part of their Cybersecurity series, this time he focused on the Dark Web and Security Awareness Training for your staff. Find out how to turn your staff into Dark Web defenders in our latest blog. 

David speaks: Patching & the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT or the Internet of Things, is all the other computing products that you have when you think of computers, this is a whole raft of things, smart TV’s, Google Home & Alexa, switches, router, blu ray players, printers/scanners, security cameras and even fish tank thermometers. Find out how they can also be the gateway for criminals and how to tighten your security.