Tech Sup'pawt' update: Boo & Skie turn 1

Wow has time flown! A little under a year ago we introduced you to our Tech Sup'pawt' interns Boo & Skie
they joined the FortiTech team over the Christmas holidays last year and been working hard to learn the ins and outs of technology.
Their training has been demanding, but also rewarded with treats and they passed their 6 month performance review with flying colours.

We took time out recently to celebrate their 1st birthday and reminisced about how much they have grown into their roles and in Boo's case, ears!

Check out the pics below to see the pair working hard for their keep and see just how much they have grown as they approach their second festive season.

Stay tuned for more updates from the dynamic duo.

First day on the job - and of course they find the nearest empty box!
The pair waiting for the Suppawt calls to come in, in a slightly bigger box
Skie finishing up an impawtant call
Naps are still a critical part of their work/life balance