Client install: Automatic email signatures with CodeTwo for Office 365

Wanting to add a bit of pizazz to your email signature, maybe you want the same signature across all your devices or perhaps you want to include themed promotional messages at different times of the year?

If this sounds like your business, then we have got the perfect solution for you in a product from CodeTwo.

CodeTwo has automatic email signature software that integrates with Office 365 to include specific signatures on an email based on groups of users you choose, so if you want your sales team to all have the same signature but would prefer the accounts team to have something different, no problem, this can all be done via CodeTwo.

We recently completed a CodeTwo email signature project for a business with 7 different brands and they are ecstatic with the results, read on to find out more about what we delivered.

The Requirements

Our client is in the promotions and graphic design industry, they have multiple brands including custom ties and cufflinks, streetwear and baseball caps, all the way through to outsourced labour hire for other businesses, so it was important to them that the right signature went out for each brand.

They also wanted each signature to include logo's with links to their other brands and a call to action featuring photo's of their sales staff with links to their HubSpot online booking system to prompt recipients to book a sales consultation.

As they had staff at multiple locations using desktop, mobile and online versions of Outlook they also needed a product that would send the same signature to clients no matter which device was used. 

Here is how we did it....

The solution

We undertook the following as part of the project:

  • The setup of their CodeTwo tenancy
  • Linking their CodeTwo tenancy to their Microsoft 365 tenancy including authorisation of the CodeTwo app
  • Adding CodeTwo details to their SPF records so that outbound emails with signatures were not treated as spam  
  • The creation of groups within their Microsoft 365 tenancy to ensure only certain staff generated a signature when sending an email
  • The design and coding of HTML signatures including:
    • links to all of their social media including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
    • logo images with links to their other brands 
    • links to their Google reviews
    • links to the HubSpot booking system for their sales team including images of each of their sales team 
    • links to Google Maps for their address
    • placement and resizing of their logos and feature banner images
    • optimisation of all images to reduce the overall signature size
    • linking to Microsoft Active Directory to complete staff details such as name, title and contact details, this means that if a staff member changed phone number it would automatically change in the signature
  • The creation of Rich Text Format and Plain Text Format signatures to allow critical information to still be displayed if the recipient did not have HTML format turned on for their email client
  • Ensuring all the appropriate details for staff were updated in Azure AD such as phone number and title
  • Assigning 35 users across the 7 signatures to ensure the correct allocation of user to brand
  • Programming within CodeTwo to ensure only the latest signature displayed within an email trail and older ones were removed to ensure that the email size did not increase 
  • Testing of the signature across multiple platforms before implementation
  • 7 days post implementation support to iron out any teething issues and minor changes.


The cost for this client's project was $950 + GST per signature for setup and integration to Microsoft 365 and the subscription for the CodeTwo system, which is $300 + GST per year which covers up to 10 mailboxes and subsequent users are an additional $30 + GST per year each.  

Costs may vary for other projects depending on complexity of signature and number of staff.


The entire project was implemented over a 2 week period which allowed time for the client to review the proposed signature design and make changes, thorough testing was also undertaken across multiple platforms and the signatures were rolled out in stages to ensure that there was minimum distruption to their business.  


Our client was very happy with the outcome of the project and has reported that they have had a number of bookings through their HubSpot links and increased traffic to their social media. 

Looking for automatic email signatures?

If you are looking to setup automatic email signatures for your business, just give us a call on 1300 778 078 and we will get you on your way to standardised branding.