David Speaks: Sunshine Coast AAT Discussion Group

David was invited to present this week for the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) Sunshine Coast AAT Discussion Group for Bookkeepers in Kawana. 

Convener Lynne from BAS Pro Accounting had attended David's webinar presentation to IPA BAS Agents earlier in the year and wanted to share the knowledge with her local Bookkeeping community in Mooloolaba.

The session was titled "14 ways to protect your business from a Cyber Attack" the attendees were keen to hear about the importance of cyber security and protecting not only their own business data, but that of their clients as well. 

The presentation focussed on protection avaialble for smaller businesses and what quick wins could be achieved by implementing even the smallest of changes with minimal financial outlay.

David's presentation was orignially only scheduled to take an hour, however there were so many questions and discussions that it ended up going for 2 and a half hours!   He has been invited to present again in a few months and is looking forward to imparting more education and knowledge into the accounting community.

David was gifted with a fancy bottle of red wine and some chocolates, which were a delicious accompaniment to a nice steak dinner the following night (thank you Lynne!).

If you are looking for a cyber security speaker for your next industry event or for Staff Cyber Security Awareness Training then why not drop us a line, we would love to help you out.