David Speaks: IPA BAS Agent Discussion Group Webinar

David was invited to present a webinar recently for the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) AAT Brisbane and Gold Coast Discussion Group Meeting.

Convener Kathy Haywood from Books2BAS had attended David's presentation at the IPA 2023 Queensland Conference and wanted to share the knowledge with her group, which as members located from the Gold Coast all the way up to the Sunshine Coast. 

The session was titled "Anatomy of  Cyberattack - The top ways your Practice could be breached and what to do in the aftermath" the attendees were keen to hear about the importance of cyber security and protecting not only their own business data, but that of their clients as well. 

Following the session, David dedicated additional time to answer attendees' questions. His detailed insights have led to an immediate re-invite for a follow-up webinar scheduled for September.

David has been honoured to take on keynote speaker roles for Chartered Public Accountants (CPA) Brisbane, QUT’s Disrupting Law and panel discussions including the globally televised World Legal Summit in conjunction with the University of Queensland. David is part of the College of Law’s Geeky Guru’s and throughout 2020 he hosted a series of Cyber Security webinars for their Legalpreneurs Lab.  

If you are looking for a cyber security speaker for your next industry event or for Staff Cyber Security Awareness Training then why not drop us a line, we would love to help you out.