David speaks: Cyber security awareness training

When was the last time your staff received any Cyber Security Awareness training?

If you are one of our clients on our Maintenance and Security plans we provide you with 1 free cyber security awareness training session a year. This is exactly what happened for one of our longest held clients towards the end of 2023 when they arranged their annual session.

As our client has multiple sites, including interstate, the session was undertaken via Zoom. Our client is big on cyber security education and undertake regular training, including a previous session for members of their Board and also had another driver for holding the session was to help our client meet compliance requirements for their clients and supplier, some of which are major insurance companies and are required to undertake annual audits of their systems and processes due to the large volume fo personal and financial information they process.

With just over 30 staff members joining in on the Zoom session David covered a number of crucial topics like phishing scams, fake invoices, social engineering and a recap of the latest data breaches. 

There were a number of questions both during the presentation and in the post session Q&A, with a number of staff concerned about how to keep both the company data and their personal information secure.

We ensured they were well-equipped to tackle the growing threats to cyber security with a huge amount of resources we provide as part of the training, this included a PDF copy of the presentation, a link to the Zoom recording to refer back to, a quick-tip sheet that's essentially a guide on how to combat cybercrime (sample below), and several informative posters in both A3 and A4 size to be put up around the office. Fun fact: Did you know these posters often serve as a compliance requirement? Yes, they’re that vital because they make sure to keep the training front of mind and also mean you can tick the "yes" box in your cyber liability insurance application.

In fact, the CFO of the company was able to utilise a copy of the presentation to gain professional development points for their CPA membership.

Whether via Zoom or if you’re more keen on an in-person session, we offer training tailored to the unique needs of your business. Plus, if your business has previously been the target of a cyberattack, our training can focus on the key areas to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Not a current client or on one of our Maintenance and Security plans? Don't worry, for as little as $500 + GST, you can equip your team with the knowledge they need to keep cyber threats at bay and meet compliance requirements with our Cyber Security Awareness Training, no matter where you are in Australia or even the world, we can deliver the right training for your business.

So, why wait? Reach out to us and let's secure your digital future!