Noah's gaming PC wish is granted

In early September, the team at FortiTech learned that Noah, the 12-year old son of one of our clients had been diagnosed with Leukaemia. We knew we had to do something to help, find out what it was in our blog.

ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report 2020-21

At the end of every financial year, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (or ACSC) releases its annual cyber threat report, and it was no different this year… and that’s what we’re talking about in today's blog.

IT User and Cyber Security Policy template

Looking for a great template to get your business thinking about its technology infrastructure, where it is and how it is protected and prompt you to regularly review these processes? Then look no further, explore our blog and grab yourself a copy of our free IT User and Cyber Security Policy template.

David speaks: The QUT White Hats Society

David spent some time recently chatting with QUT students about becoming a Cyber Security Advisor.

Tech Tips: Microsoft Teams

Next up in our Tech Tips for Microsoft is Teams. Join us as we cover some great collaboration tips to seamlessly keep you in touch with your staff and clients.

Phone scammers dupe couple out of $230,000

You hear about it every day, scammers attempting to fleece innocent Australians out of their hard earned money. Unfortunately, this blog tells the tale of a couple close to retirement age needing to recover over $230,000 of stolen funds. 

How to use FortiTech's antispam platform

Did you know that FortiTech clients with subscriptions to our Microsoft 365 Security plan receive exclusive access to our antispam platform? Find out how it works here.

David speaks: BNI Focus

On the 29th of July, David was asked to present at a BNI Focus group meeting in West End (this was pre-lockdown of course!). Find out how it went in our latest blog.

Tech Tips: Microsoft Excel

Next up in our Tech Tips for Microsoft is Excel. Join us as we cover some great time saving tips that are sure to make those number-crunchers happy. 

A (Business) Catalyst for change

It’s official. Another glittering star in the Adobe constellation of business tools will soon fall from the night sky. If you’re using the Business Catalyst platform, then you need to take note. Much like the NBN rollout, not moving to another product could leave you in limbo

How often should a business replace their computers?

This week we helped a legal client evaluate their current hardware assets to determine which were candidates for replacement and which might be able to to have a hardware upgrade to extend their usable life.  Find out the results in our latest blog.

David speaks: Crunching cyber security numbers with the Institute of Public Accountants

Last night,  David had the opportunity to speak in front of the Ipswich chapter of the Institute of Public Accountants on cybersecurity.

Tech Tips: Windows 10

Following on from our Tech Tips focusing on Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word,  OneDrive for Business we expand our horizons a little and learn more about Windows 10.

Client install: Laptop with dual monitors in a law firm

We are seeing more and more clients switch to laptops as their main work computer due to their portability for working from home when needed, whilst also having the ability to be set up as a standard desktop computer in the office.  Our latest install was no exception, with an install of a new laptop with dual monitors for a law client in the CBD.  

Out and About: Doggo's and Donuts

David had an unexpected encounter of the furry kind when visiting a client this week. Find out what it was in our latest blog.

Tech Tips: Adding Microsoft 365 email accounts to mobile devices

If you need access to your emails on the go, then installing the Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile phone or tablet is a great solution. The Microsoft Outlook app gives you seamless access to your emails and calendar with a sleek look and feel, find out how to set up your own mailbox or a shared mailbox in this weeks blog.

Updates to MYKI Password Manager

A few weeks ago we covered off the installation instructions for our preferred password management tool MYKI.   This week we cover off some exciting new updates and improvements to MYKI's browser extension.

Client install: Automatic email signatures with CodeTwo for Office 365

CodeTwo is automatic email signature software that integrates with Office 365 to include specific signatures on an email based on groups of users you choose. You can change them based on staff roles, holiday periods, special promotions and more. find out how in our latest blog.

Tech Sup'pawt' update

Our tech sup'paw't interns Boo and Skie have reached their 6 month performance review, find out how it went in this weeks blog.

FortiTech helps bring history to life

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, together with re-enactors, jousters, performers, food vendors and merchants, deliver one of Australia’s premier living history events and this year FortiTech is proud to be a sponsor of the Abbey Medieval Festival. Find out about how we are helping bring history to life in this weeks blog.

Tech Tips: Using Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive

Last month, we covered a recent client install of SharePoint in conjunction with OneDrive. This month we run through some top tech tips on how to make the most of the file collaboration tool.

How to setup and install MYKI password manager

Subscribers to our PC and Server Security plans get access to a great password management and authentication tool called MYKI. Find out how easy it is to install and use in this weeks blog.

Client Install: CCTV as far as the eye can see

Are you looking to protect your premises and also want to check-in live wherever you are?   You are not alone, we just completed a CCTV install for a client that is able to do just that, find out how it went in this blog.

How Safe Is Your Technology? Security Vulnerabilities In 2021

Security vulnerabilities aren’t a problem… until they are. Here’s how they work, and how to protect yourself from them.

Client Install: Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive for Business file sharing

FortiTech recently completed a project implementing SharePoint as a file sharing tool for a migration law firm, allowing them to move off a desktop device they were using as their file server. Find out how the project went in our latest blog.

David Speaks: College of Law Cyber Risk Workshop

David recently participated as part of the panel in an interactive workshop held by The College of Law. The interactive workshop focused on setting up a legal practice and dealing with a cyber-attack.  Cyber-crime is still a very real concern for the profession as now, more than ever, practitioners are relying on technology to assist them in the day-to-day operation of their practices – whether in the office or working remotely.  You can read more about the tips and highlights for the workshop in this blog.

How to Prevent Business Email Compromise (And Other Things You Should Know About BEC)

With business email compromise, a single email can cost a company millions.  Find out how they work… and how to protect your business.