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We help you get the most from your technology so you can build a smarter business, while ensuring that your business and your clients' data is secure.

The landscape has changed and businesses are now heavily reliant on technology for the day to day operations of their business. From the road to your office to your boardroom, technology underpins your interactions with your clients and the performance of your business. At FortiTech we believe in understanding your business first, then providing reliable technology advice, solutions and ongoing technology support with emphasis on ensuring your business is always secure.

It's the smarter choice for your business.

How we make your business smarter 

  • Audit

    Objectively measure your current technology landscape

  • Advise

    Actionable advice to align technology to business goals

  • Integrate

    Technology solutions that fit seamlessly with your business

  • Maintain

    Keeping your technology working reliably day after day

"The team at FortiTech are great to work with. They understand the commercial reality of a business requiring the latest technology to enhance functionality while considering the financial ROI."

Stephen Brake, Meritous Accounting & Advisory


Client Install: Business Management Software server for a retail client

This week we installed an onsite server for one of our retail clients. They are growing from strength to strength and are looking to accelerate their sales even further through the use of some Business Management Software.

The specific software they have chosen requires a local server rather than a cloud based solution,  whilst requiring an onsite server for businesses is not as common as it once was thanks to more and more cloud based applications including Microsoft 365, there are still instances like our clients' situation where it is required.

Tech Tips: Mail Merge in Microsoft Word: A Step-by-Step Guide to creating emails and letters

Microsoft Word's Mail Merge feature offers the ability to prepare both emails or letters, allowing you to create documents that are both personalised and produced en masse.  It is a simple and straightforward method to send communications out without the need for a third party application or subscription.

In this guide we will walk you through how to create a mail merge document in Microsoft Word that you can them email through Outlook, or simply print out and send.

Boost Your Business Efficiency: Top Browser Extensions for Microsoft Edge and Chrome

Browser extensions can greatly enhance productivity and efficiency by adding functionality to web browsers, helping users automate tasks, manage passwords, and organise workflows more effectively. Read about some great browser extensions for both Edge and Chrome that can help improve your day.

Client Install: 3CX VoIP Phone System for a Conveyancing firm

This week we went live with a new 3CX VoIP telephone system for a Brisbane based conveyancing firm. With a mix of handset and headsets and work from home integration, our client was thrilled with the result. Find out how we did it in our latest blog.

Client Install: Boosting Retail with Remote Desktop Server refresh

One of our long term retail clients reached out to us early last Saturday morning as their server had unexpectedly stopped working, as bad luck would have it , this occurred right before their business Saturday trading, so it was imperative to get things up and running again quickly for them as they utilised the server as a Remote Desktop (RDP) to run the Point of Sale (POS) system, which their 5 staff access. Read about how we helped them get back online in our latest blog.

Strengthen Your Business Defenses with Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

With cybercriminals constantly evolving their tactics, traditional antivirus solutions might not be enough to keep your valuable data safe. This is where Managed Detection and Response (MDR) comes into play, offering a proactive approach to cybersecurity that every business should consider.