Why your business should consider Managed IT Services

Consider Managed IT Services as a great opportunity for your business to focus their internal staff members time and efforts on growing and improving it. While allowing outside advisors such as FinTechnologies to ensure their technology is being delivered cost-effectively and securely.

Over the years we have noted three main areas of focus for business owners and managers when deciding whether Managed IT Services are for them:

  • Cost control
  • Business alignment
  • Advanced technology access.

Cost Control

Managed services can enhance cost control for a business in two main areas—the first being strategic outsourcing of an organization’s IT support and maintenance to a qualified firm. Any small and medium-sized businesses can’t justify a full IT department. Businesses choosing this strategy gain all the skills and knowledge of trained and certified FinTechnologies staff without the need to pay the overhead for an internal staff member.

The second area is proper budgeting. FinTechnologies includes a remote monitoring and management tool as part of our Managed Services. These tools allow us to gather critical data about your business’ technology environment, and properly advise on trends and when technology needs to be upgraded or augmented, along with ensuring licensing compliance and potentially risky software add-ons, which can increase costs.

Business Alignment

Under a FinTechnologies managed services partnership, the goal of both of our business’ is the same. FinTechnologies are intent on ensuring your systems are running optimally, which in turn allows your business to get the most out of your staff and systems. We proactively fix issues and invest the time to ensure your business is covered in case of a disaster.

Advanced Technology Access

When partnered with FinTechnologies , you gain much more than a single individual can provide. We provide top-notch services and keep abreast of the latest technology and have the proven processes around their delivery. We also provide you with ongoing advice and guidance and work with you to ensure as your business changes we will always be there to support those goals.

If you are keen to learn more about how FinTechnologies's offerings and consider Managed IT Services can help build your business give us a call on 1300 778 078