Turning computers into vertical gardens

Did you know one of the benefits of being a FortiTech client is that you can ask us to securely recycle your old equipment?

This week two of our clients decided to do a clear out of their old electronic equipment after upgrading to new systems.

David put his tetris skills to the test and stacked up multiple trolley's worth of computer cases, monitors, point of sale equipment, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Printers to take away for recycling.

Check out trolley number 1 of 4 from one of our clients -->>>

FortiTech work with the Logan based Youth Social Enterprise Initiative Substation33 to recycling unwanted e-waste.

After FortiTech have securely wiped hard drives and other identifying data from the equipment it is taken to Substation33 where they use a number of the electronic components in commercial projects, diverting waste from landfill and helping our environment.

Launching in 2013, Substation33 purely as an e-waste recycling centre, they have recently started an Innovation Lab and has designed and developed a number of products for commercial, social and educational purpose.

They also provide work experience, internships, student placements and and return to work opportunities for a number of people in the South East Queensland region.

Their projects range from solar trailers to e-bikes and 3D printers. Oh, and those vertical gardens we mentioned in the headline?  Substation33 setup a recycled Raspberry Pi for the automatic watering of the system.