Top 5 tips for getting started on 3CX

We have covered quite a few products and programs in our Tech Tips, this month we are covering off setting up for the first time on a 3CX VoIP phone system, with everything from getting started to setting up a conference call.

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First things first

You will receive a Welcome email from the 3CX system, this email will contain instructions on setting up the 3CX app on your Desktop and mobile. On the email you will receive information on:

  • Your extension number
  • Your extension PIN
  • How to access your Voicemail
  • How to log into the Web Client
  • How to install the New 3CX app for Windows/Mac desktop
  • How to install the iOS or Android app
Example Welcome email
Important Links in the Welcome Email
How to install the Desktop App

Log into the Web Client using the Outside the Office link from your Welcome email Enter your extension number and then password as provided in your welcome email

Once you log in navigate to the bottom left of the page to the Apps option on the bottom lefthand side of your screen.

This will bring up multiple options for installing the app on both Mobile and Desktop  

If you click on Desktop App you will receive the below pop-up, click on Install to download and run the software, once it has completed those steps then click on the Provision button to connect the app to your extension.

The app is now installed locally on your computer and you can now make calls using the desktop app!

How to install the Mobile App
If you want to also install the iOS or Android version of the app then click on the preferred mobile app from the Web Client in the earlier steps and you will receive the below pop-up:

Make sure to download the 3CX app on your mobile, either through the Play Store for Android devices or through the App Store for iOS devices. Once the app has downloaded to your mobile open the app and scan the QR code that is shown on your computer screen with your phone. Give the app the permissions it requires such as microphone and camera. This will provision your extension and you are ready to make and take calls.

Start a call

To call, click on the dial pad in the top right menu or click on the search icon. Enter the phone number or search by name or extension number Choose your device to place a call  
You can seamlessly place calls from your IP phone, the iOS or Android app, web client or the desktop app - wherever you have provisioned your extension.  From the phone selector in the web client’s dialer, you can select your preferred device and control calls from the web client interface.

In call functions

Once you’re in a call, you can perform a number of actions with just a few mouse clicks.

Transferring a call

Click on “Transfer” and enter the name or number of the person you want to transfer the call to. The call is transferred without you speaking to the receiver on the other end - this is known as a blind transfer. To speak to the receiver and get permission to transfer a call, click “Att.transfer”. This will allow you to put the caller on hold and speak to the receiver before passing the call through Creating a conference call

Click the “Conference” button and enter the name or number of the person/s you would like to add to the call. They will be dialled and upon answering, will be added to the existing call.

Recording a call

At any time during a call you may record the conversation. Simply click “Record” to begin and click again to end the recording. Recordings can be accessed in the Web Client > “Recordings”. Note: The ability to record and to view/edit recordings depends on the permissions given to you by your administrator.

Initiating a new call

During an ongoing call, you may initiate a new call on a separate line without hanging up on the current call. To do this, click “New Call” and enter the name or number of the callee.

Switch to video call

During an ongoing call, you may elevate to a video call by clicking the “Video” icon in the dialpad, without hanging up on the current call. Stay tuned for more 3CX Tech tips, and if you have any requests for an upcoming Tech Tips send them through to us.