Is your Business Data safe on Office 365?

Is your Business Data safe on Office 365?

Is your business data safe on Office 365? 

Microsoft Office365 has come to the forefront of technology in recent years, with many businesses choosing to migrate to the cloud based software for their office applications rather than traditional licensing methods. Whilst Office365 undoubtedly has many benefits there are still some teething issues that come with any cloud based application.  

 How reliable is the cloud? 

If you are a Microsoft Office365 user, you may have been asking yourself that very question recently when the mobile and online versions of Outlook and other Office applications experienced a whole day outage across the globe, with the majority of affected users being located in Australia and Japan.

This is not the first time Office365 has had a major outage in 2017, in March Microsoft cloud customers were left without access to OneDrive, Office 365, Skype, Outlook for several hours due to issues being able to authenticate login credentials. 

Not only did the outages cause headaches for businesses and lost productivity, it also raises the question - "How do I protect my business data?"

What can you do?

What many people may not know is that data stored on Office365 applications such as Outlook, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are not backed up anywhere, meaning that you could potentially lose all of your emails or files if they are in the cloud.

Research has shown that one in three businesses has lost data that was stored in the cloud. This is because it’s easy for users to delete or overwrite data, when working collaboratively in the cloud.

Even though the cloud suite has built-in data protection capabilities, it is not safe from common data loss incidents that may happen in a business environment, such as:

  • when a user deleted an Office 365 file by mistake and then closed the application;
  • a disgruntled employee purposely destroyed some information that was useful for the company
  • Cryptolocker accessing local files that are then synced to the cloud

The good news is that FortiTech can offer businesses with Office365 a great product through one of our partners StorageCraft which will safely and easily back-up your data.

If you are not in the cloud and run your IT infrastructure onsite we are also able to offer data protection and secure backups, to find out more about what we offer simply give us a call on 1300 778 078