How to setup and install Myki password manager


Open the email you would have received from MYKI with the subject You have been invited to join Your Company on MYKI In the email, click on the Download MYKI button.



You will then be taken to the MYKI website, once there click on the Download on Windows button please note that the download may also start automatically once you access the website.  The program download will then appear in the bottom left of your browser.




Once the file is downloaded, right click on it and select Open




You will now need to go back to the Invitation email and click on Join Team you will then be taken back to a browser window where you will need to tick the checkbox in the popup and select Open MYKI

Once the desktop App opens, select Enterprise User

Enter your mobile phone number including country code and go through the verification process

Add a 6-digit PIN for security


Your MYKI account is now set up


In the MYKI Desktop app you will now be able to view the passwords in the Vault for your Company and also have access to your own personal password vault. You can choose to view all items, just personal or just Your Company.

Password Vault example







Personal Password Vault example




Installing the Chrome browser extension

The easiest way to use the MYKI app is through the browser extension, the extension can be downloaded here: choose your preferred browser, the installation instructions for Chrome are outlined below.


Run through the next windows after installing the browser and skip the import option.






On your Chrome browser click on the extension button, which is the puzzle shaped icon in the top right beside the address bar

Find the MYKI extension and pin it to the browser so that it always shows up right next to the address bar.

Then select the MYKI extension, go to settings and ensure that the Automatically Connect to the Desktop App selection is chosen.




For each new site that you enter the login details for MYKI will ask you if you wish to save them, you can choose to add them by selecting Review


You are then able to rename the login details in the Account Name section





By default, MYKI will save the password in your Personal vault, however, if this is a company password that needs to be shared with everyone, you can click on Profile Name and change it to Your Company




Users with Company Administrator access will then be notified that you would like to add the password to the The Company vault and will need to approve it, once approved the login details become available to everyone in the company.




You will now be able to click on the MYKI Extension in Chrome to access the logins for Your Company, you can launch and login to the website by hovering over the one you want and clicking Launch


You will then be taken to the site in a new tab, the MYKI auto login will appear, select it and the fields will be filled, they will grey out the login fields and you will then be able to click the login button.


Some websites will allow you to create a “secret key” as part of their multifactor authentication process, this key can be integrated into MYKI, allowing MYKI to automatically generate a token code much like a standard authenticator app or text message based code and fill in the details automatically when you login.

IMPORTANT: Before attempting this, please ensure you have already created the login for the specific website in MYKI already (this includes the Nickname, Username and Password) as you will need to link the MFA code to that login.

An example of how you can do this for your existing Microsoft 365 authentication is shown below, if you are adding multifactor authentication for the first time, then just follow steps 12346:

Log into and locate your initials on the top right-hand corner, click on your initials and choose View Account


  • Locate the Security info section and click on Update Info


  • Your existing multifactor authentication settings will then be displayed

 Click on the Add Method button and choose Authenticator App and click Add


 You will encounter the next screen, choose the option “I want to use a different authenticator app”


Once you see the below screen click on Next

 Click on the “Can’t scan image?” option when you reach the next page

Once that option expands the page copy text displayed in the Secret Key section at the bottom (clicking on the icon directly to the right of the Secret Key is usually the easiest way)

Now you need to jump back into the MYKI desktop application and find the existing login for the site you are creating the Multifactor for, in this case Microsoft 365

Once you have opened the item head to 2FA on the bottom left of the Item Info section and paste in the Secret Key then Save the login


Once it is saved the 2FA section will change and display “Click to reveal 2FA” in green text, click on this and copy the code


Head back to the Microsoft website and enter the 6-digit code you just copied from MYKI into the space provided and click Next


This should successfully create the connection between Microsoft and MYKI and navigate back to the Security Info page. You can then choose to change your Default sign-in method to Authenticator app or hardware token

The next time you log into Microsoft you can use MYKI to auto-fill your email and password on the initial login page and then MYKI will also pre-fill the 6 digit code for authentication and you simply need to click on Verify to login

Myki will also display the login and 2FA as 2 separate login credentials if you ever need to re-authenticate the multifactor secret key.