How to Protect your Business on Windows and Apple

Computers can't function without their operating system, so any attack against your operating system can have a significant impact on your data security and could even break your device. Whether your business relies on Microsoft Windows OS or Apple Mac OS, the risk of cyber-attack is high without superior security measures.

Mac and Windows are responsible for more than 90% of all desktop and laptop users globally, which makes these operating systems tempting targets for cybercriminals looking to impact the most devices possible.

Understanding how secure these leading OS platforms are is the first step to protecting your business.

Apple Mac OS Security

Despite being one of the top two most popular platforms, Apple's Mac systems appear to have a lower risk of cyberattack due to a smaller market share. This allows companies to assume they can execute safety and security protocols easily, with less direct threat of attack.

However, do not be fooled by the statistics. With Apple devices growing in popularity and threats becoming more sophisticated, no OS can be deemed truly safe without strict measures, which are being constantly updated and tracked.

Figures show that threats to Apple Mac operating systems have increased at twice the rate of Microsoft Windows as of 2020. Because historically hackers went after the larger market share of Windows, Apple does not have the same level of experience at preventing threats or updating security systems, potentially leaving those devices more vulnerable to attacks.

Microsoft Windows OS Security

While Apple may be growing in popularity, Microsoft Windows still has the lion's share of the market. This superiority comes at a price, with attacks and threats much more common.

From a browser perspective Microsoft Edge has come a long way in improving the poor security performance of Internet Explorer, with elements such as weekly security updates. However, it still ranks as less secure than Appleā€™s preferred Safari browser.

Due to the greater risk of attack, Windows requires more diligence from users who must stay on top of updates and patches in order to maintain an elevated level of security. 

How to Secure Your Business OS

You are definitely reading the right blog to find the answer to that question. Our Maintenance and Security plans are an essential starting point in ensuring the security of your Windows devices, for just $30 + GST per device, per month and an initial setup fee of $50 + GST per device.

Our service includes:

  • Patch management of Windows including Windows updates, critical for ensuring that any Microsoft security flaws are mitigated
  • Patch management of third-party software such as Adobe, as with the Windows patching this is important to closing security flaws as the software developers release emergency updates
  • Antivirus and anti-malware end point protection for each device to help protect against viruses and malicious software
  • Access to our IT support rates

Security should not be hard, but it is often overwhelming for businesses of any size that simply do not have the time or expertise to devote to constant monitoring of latest updates and security measures. FortiTech can take that concern away by providing maintenance and security plans that suit your business. Give us a call today.