FortiTech helps CPA lead the way

Yesterday, our Managing Director David was invited to speak on Cyber Security at the Chartered Public Accountants (CPA) Brisbane office.

With Cyber Security being a topic that David a particular passion for, he adeptly covered the latest trends in threats to data security and how to combat them on both a business and personal level.

The recent release of OAIC’s 12 month report was a timely reminder that 75% of all data security breaches are caused by human error, so increasing staff awareness of threats is a great way to minimise the risk.

FortiTech encourages implementing Security Awareness Training programs for your staff as a step in the right direction and at just $10 + GST per user per month through us, the benefits easily outweigh the cost.

 Get in touch today to discuss how we can set your business on the right path to protecting your data.