Client install: Remote Installation of 3CX VoIP Phone System for a Law Firm

In the dynamic world of legal services, communication is pivotal. Recently, our team had the opportunity to enhance the communication capabilities of a Queensland law firm. This progressive firm, with a team of 17 legal professionals, was looking to streamline their communication processes as part of an office relocation and wanted a flexible solution that also meant they weren't tied to one of the big telecomms providers. 

The Challenge

The firm's requirements were straightforward. They needed a robust VoIP system that supported mobility, flexibility, and efficient client interaction without the physical clutter or hefty monthly bills associated with traditional setups. Crucially, they aimed to retain their publicly advertised numbers, ensuring seamless continuity in client communication.

Complicating matters was their tight timeline. The firm was set to move offices in just a couple weeks and required a swift transition to 3CX before settling into their new location.

The Solution

A seamless, entirely remote installation of the 3CX VoIP phone system

How we did it

The transition process was meticulously planned and executed remotely, including the transfer of their existing numbers to ensure business continuity. To bridge the gap during the move, we established a temporary number on 3CX, facilitating an uninterrupted communication flow while their original numbers were being ported—a process that can take up to eight weeks.

Our solution enabled the firm to vacate their old office on time, thanks to call forwarding to 3CX, ensuring they didn't miss any calls during the transition.

The 3CX system's cloud-based setup meant that physical handsets were optional, not mandatory. We integrated the 3CX app on desktops and mobile devices, allowing the team to stay connected regardless of their location. The use of 12x Yealink WH62 DECT headsets plugged into desktops and laptops allowed them to forego traditional handsets. This strategy not only saved valuable office space but also supported the firm's dynamic work environment.

To streamline call management, we implemented an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, ensuring calls were efficiently routed to the appropriate team member based on caller input. Additionally, we integrated an outsourced answering service to manage afterhours and overflow, ensuring no call went unanswered—a crucial element in maintaining the firm's professionalism.

A seamless integration with their existing CRM allowed the import of over 2,000 contacts into 3CX, simplifying outbound calls and enhancing caller identification.

The Outcome

The switch to the 3CX VoIP system was not just smooth—it marked a significant leap in the firm's communication efficiency. The team experienced a noticeable improvement in call management and client engagement, perfectly aligning with their needs in a shared office environment.

The law firm now enjoys a state-of-the-art communication system that aligns perfectly with their dynamic work environment. At FortiTech, we take pride in leveraging technology to enhance business communication, proving that distance is no barrier to our superior service, we have successfully delivered multiple projects interstate and internationally all thanks to today's technology.

Not only that, they now have access to free calls to 17 countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Elevate Your Business Communication with 3CX VoIP

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