Client Install: Migrating from Google to Microsoft 365

In the lead up to the end of 2020 we had a rush on requests for migrations from Google's G Suite to Microsoft 365, particularly from clients in the legal space.

Most recently, we successfully completed the migration of 90 mailboxes across two clients. This was no mean feat, with the migration of the mail alone for one client taking a week and a half to complete due to data throttling from Google's side (we're guessing they really don't want to make it easy for businesses to leave their platform...) but with a good amount of project planning and maybe a bit too much caffeine we got there in the end.

Not every migration goes smoothly or has a happy ending, in fact we will cover the top things to look out for when migrating from Google to Microsoft in a separate blog in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. But without further ado, here is this week's blog.....

Taking the leap

Why make the move from Google to Microsoft?  In the case of our conveyancing client, they were experiencing issues with mailbox permissions and calendar delegations within Gmail and needed the ability to quickly and easily give Paralegals access to a Solicitors mailbox, allowing them to send correspondence from third party apps such as Smokeball and LEAP via plugins to the Microsoft Outlook desktop app.  

Calendar sharing was another big factor with integration to HubSpot as the existing integration with Gmail was causing headaches including double bookings and missed appointments.

The Process 

Our conveyancing client wasn't initially a FortiTech client and had been planning to undertake the migration themselves, but after a bit of research into what was needed they quickly realised that the migration was going to be a lot more involved than they had anticipated and wisely decided to call on us to work our tech wizardry and do the migration for them.

As with any major change to technology within a business, it really is important to ensure you understand the steps involved and engage an expert early, here is a basic overview of the process we went through with their migration, the unabridged version is not for the faint hearted!

After our initial meeting we started gathering information about their current mail tenancy, including setting up administrative access within Google and their domain in order to commence the early stages of the migration.

We then undertook an audit of their mailboxes and accounts to ensure they were all accounted for and prepped for migration including permissions for shared mailboxes, calendars and licensing within Microsoft.

Once we had a idea of the size of data to migrate, number of mailboxes and permissions we agreed on a migration date that would pose the least disruption to their workflow, this happened to be a Friday 2 weeks later.  

In the lead up to the day we started the transfer of all mailbox, calendar and task data from Google to Microsoft, with some mailboxes averaging 40GB (over 9 years worth) this was a slow, but critical, process, we had to ensure the integrity of the data as it came across for each mailbox and in some cases run the migration process multiple times as the connection between Google and Microsoft timed out.

The agreed go-live day came quickly and we were on site early to set up each user with their new Microsoft Suite and to ensure the mailboxes were downloading correctly into Outlook as planned, including shared mailbox access and calendar delegation. This included 3 work from home users where we were able to connect into their devices remotely and undertake the setup.  

The last step was installing Microsoft Office plugins for Hubspot, Smokeball and LEAP all of which setup without a hitch. *Phew*

Client Benefits 

Feedback from our client was that they were both ecstatic and relieved with how smoothly the migration went and that their issues with Hubspot were resolved along with the issues that the Principal was experiencing with calendar management.

They have also started to utilise Microsoft's OneDrive for Business in conjunction with SharePoint (available as part of their Microsoft subscription) to store a large amount of client files that were previously saved onto a local desktop PC with no backup, they are now safe, secure and backed up. 

As part of the migration our client also signed up to our Backup365 monthly subscription to provide backup of email and SharePoint file storage (a quick reminder that neither Microsoft nor Google back up your email by default) 

If you undertake an email migration with FortiTech you also receive remote support and training for any migration related issues for 7 days post go live. This includes troubleshooting third party integrations and working with the supplier to resolve the issues.

What's on offer and what does it cost?

FortiTech offers migrations from Gmail to Microsoft (Office) 365 with added Backup365 and email antispam, these  have been the most popular product option to date.

Backup365 provides a backup of email and SharePoint file storage and our email antispam product features anti-malware and antivirus protection that utilises 5 scanners for enhanced protection.

Here is a run down of our current offerings with pricing:

Microsoft 365 Security

With phishing attacks the number one attack vector, we ensure your organisations email is secure with 5 Anti-virus & Anti-spam engines, full message queuing, Outbound Filter, & Message Continuity/DR webmail.

 $9 per licensed mailbox in Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 Backup

12 months backup of all email, OneDrive and SharePoint is available as a separate option without our antispam and phishing protection

 $7.50 per licensed mailbox in Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 Security and Backup

We can offer a Bundle deal for our mailbox security with up to 30 years backup for Microsoft 365

$15 per licensed mailbox in Microsoft 365 

* requires Microsoft 365 to be billed by FortiTech and a continuous subscription to ensure backups               

Installation of Microsoft 365 Security and Backup products (once-off)

$25 per mailbox 

Mail Migration

We will manage the migration of all existing tasks, calendars, contacts, folders and mail from your existing platform into Microsoft 365. Includes setup of Microsoft 365 suite and email accounts on Outlook.

Does not include SharePoint file migration or setup.

$500 base fee PLUS

$150 per mailbox 

All prices quoted above are correct at the time of publication and are GST exclusive.

Ready to take the leap?

Whilst a migration from Google Workspaces / Gmail to Microsoft Office 365 might seem daunting, with FortiTech's help it doesn't have to be.  We are the technology experts, so you don't have to be.

If you are ready to discuss moving your business from Google to Microsoft just give us a call on 1300 778 078 and we will get you on your way to a more productive workplace.