Client Install: Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive for Business file sharing

Does your business struggle to share files large and small across multiple users? are you using an external hard drive that you unplug from one computer to another to be able to view various files, or you would just like to be able to easily share files to external parties?

Or maybe your business is like one of our new clients, a migration law firm, they approached us with an issue accessing their data across multiple users and offices.

The issue stemmed from running a file server (or at least a makeshift one) from an 8 year old desktop computer, with the computer at 99% data storage capacity and with no backups in place (yes, we panicked just a little at the thought!) it was a precarious position to be in to say the least.  

We are thankful to be able to report that this is no longer the case after FortiTech undertook a data migration project to SharePoint & OneDrive and they are now able to seamlessly collaborate across their multiple offices.

Here is how we did it:

The Requirements

The requirements outlined by our client were reasonably straightforward:

  1. To have a virtual environment that stores all of the firm’s data remotely and securely; and
  2. Every user (6 users currently and maximum 10 in future) needs  to have their own username and password to access the firm’s data 24/7 and able to manipulate this data in real time; and
  3. All users will have an App or a Desktop Icon on their respective computers to access the firm’s data using their own credentials
  4. Some files that needed to have restricted access to specific users
The solution

Microsoft SharePoint combined with OneDrive acting as the interface for desktop use fit the bill perfectly, we could create document libraries within SharePoint, restrict access based on users copy the data over from the existing server and the install the OneDrive app on each users computer.

Simple, right? Yes, if planned correctly.

Note: Microsoft SharePoint has a lot of other uses on top of being a file repository and we will cover these in future blogs.


After our initial meeting we started gathering information about the current setup of their technology infrastructure including Microsoft licensing and data file structure.

Microsoft SharePoint, in conjunction with OneDrive for Business is available as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, our new client needed each user to have their own unique login, which required us to set up some new accounts on their Microsoft 365 tenancy as they were using shared credentials in some cases.

We also changed some of their existing Microsoft licenses from Microsoft 365 Business Basic to Microsoft 365 Business Standard to allow for the installation of desktop versions of Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel, making editing of the files easier via the desktop rather than the browser versions, once the new environment was live. 

Now that we had a idea of the size of data to migrate, number of users, file structure and permissions for folders we agreed on a migration date that would pose the least disruption to their workflow, this happened to be a Tuesday when the least amount of staff were attending to matters allowing our team to conduct face to face training on site at the same time.

In the lead up to the implementation day we undertook the setup of the document libraries and structure. On go-live day we attended site and commenced the migration of the data along with the installation and connection of OneDrive for each computer and gave each of the team guidance on how to use the new document setup.


Our clients files are now safely in one place and able to be accessed by every user from anywhere, any time. In addition, they are backed up with our client choosing to sign up to our Backup365 monthly subscription to provide backup of email and SharePoint file storage (a quick reminder that Microsoft do not back up your email or data by default) and they are happily running on the system without issue.


Migrations to SharePoint are quoted on a project basis and it is best to contact us to discuss your specific needs, as a guide, this project came in at $1500 + GST for the SharePoint library portion only.  Our Backup365 and security offerings are outlined below with pricing:

Microsoft 365 Security

With phishing attacks the number one attack vector, we ensure your organisations email is secure with 5 Anti-virus & Anti-spam engines, full message queuing, Outbound Filter, & Message Continuity/DR webmail.

$9 per licensed mailbox in Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 Backup

12 months backup of all email, OneDrive and SharePoint is available as a separate option without our antispam and phishing protection

$7.50 per licensed mailbox in Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 Security and Backup

We can offer a Bundle deal for our mailbox security with up to 30 years backup for Microsoft 365

$15 per licensed mailbox in Microsoft 365 

* requires Microsoft 365 to be billed by FortiTech and a continuous subscription to ensure backups               

Installation of Microsoft 365 Security and Backup products (once-off)

$25 per mailbox 

All prices quoted above are correct at the time of publication and are GST exclusive.

Ready to take the leap?

If you are ready to discuss moving your business data to Microsoft SharePoint just give us a call on
1300 778 078 and we will get you on your way to a more productive workplace.