Client Install: Hikvision 11 Camera CCTV System

We are proud to have recently partnered with a client to design and install CCTV at their property on the north side of Brisbane. 

The Requirements

The client's property was located on an exposed block of land, increasing the need for comprehensive surveillance. In this case our client wanted peace of mind that their premises was constantly monitored and that they could view the camera feed live at any time they wanted. As they had CCTV at their other business premises they wanted a similar system with the ability to ensure the building was monitored from all angles 24/7 and utilise AI software to identify people and vehicles, a doorbell camera was also high on the list.

Overall, they were looking for a CCTV system that was reliable, capable of providing high quality recording and accessible from anywhere.

Here is how we did it:

After assessing the property and understanding the client's specific requirements, we proposed an advanced 11 camera CCTV system with 360° surveillance.

This system incorporated a blend of Turret and Full Size Bullet Infrared Cameras, chosen for their suitability to various locations around the property. These cameras can record at distances between 30-80m, providing comprehensive coverage of the property.

With 80m infrared light (IR) or night vision as it is more commonly known,  the larger outdoor cameras were chosen specifically for their ability to identify people in the adjacent field as they approached the property.

Their IP67 rating of the cameras ensures they are fully dust-resistant and waterproof up to 1 metre.

The proposed system included a Network Video Recorder (NVR) in the form of a PC with 12TB of recording capacity and Blue Iris CCTV software along with the associated networking equipment to connect everything together, read on to find out how it all came to fruition.


To roll out the project we teamed up with Chris from Illuminair Electrical to run over 350m of network cable and terminate it back at a central spot in the property.

We connected the Network Video Recorder PC to the external screen via an HDMI connection, enabling our client to view camera feeds directly on a dedicated screen.

To manage the cameras and ensure efficient data transfer, we installed TP Link Omada managed PoE switches, one with 8 ports in the one area of the property and a larger 24 port switch in the another. We also added a TP Link Omada Wi-Fi access point for seamless connectivity.

To mount the cameras, we utilised Wall Mount Brackets and Junction boxes, ensuring an aesthetic installation without compromising the proposed field of view or weatherproofing of cables.

To provide our client with an extra layer of security and convenience, we installed a doorbell camera that connects to an internal screen and a remote app. This allows the client to conveniently manage deliveries and visitors.

The system was designed to be resilient. We paired the setup with uninterruptible power supplies to protect the equipment and ensure consistent operation.

Once the system was all online we were able to program the Blue Iris software that is used to run everything and activate the AI to process movement and tag any humans or vehicles that were picked up in any of the cameras.

All up there were 2 full days onsite and a further day programming the software and minor adjustments.

We have outlined the NVR specs and work undertaken below for those readers who love more detail!

NVR spec:

  • Intel i3-13500 CPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • Corsair 750W PSU
  • Western Digital Purple Pro 12TB HDD dedicated for CCTV recordings
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • 500GB SSD for the operating system and other local programs
  • APC 1200w Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to ensure power surge protection and a smooth shutdown during power outages

Installation works:

  • Installation of TP-Link Wi-Fi access point 
  • Mounting of a 4U 300mm deep server frame for network equipment
  • Data cabling of cameras and Wi-Fi into the server frame and terminate on CAT6 plugs
  • Installation of a TP-Link 8 port switch into the frame and use of extension lead to power the equipment.
  • Data cabling of 9 cameras into internal location 
  • Data cabling of door bell camera and internal screen
  • Data cabling of Wi-Fi access point into internal location
  • Data cabling of internet location into internal location
  • Installation of TP-Link 24 port switch in internal location
  • Patch TP-Link Omada controller to TP-Link switch
  • Patch Network Video Recorder PC to TP-Link 24 port switch
  • Building and configuring Network Video Recorder PC
  • Configure Blue Iris CCTV Software and AI
  • Configure TP-Link Omada managed network
  • Configure 11 cameras
  • Configure doorbell
  • Configure remote access

The total cost for this project was $16,300 + GST, which covered:

  • 11 camera CCTV system with 3600 surveillance
  • Doorbell camera with internal screen and remote app for deliveries
  • Network Video Recorder PC to store video recordings with 12TB storage
  • Pair of uninterruptible power supplies to protect equipment 
  • TP Link Omada managed PoE switches (8 port garage, 24 port house)
  • TP Link Omada Wi-Fi access point 
  • HDMI connection to dedicated screen
  • All network cabling
  • System design and configuration

With this CCTV system, our client gained the ability to monitor their property in real-time, record and store footage for future reference, and receive alerts about any suspicious activity. The sense of security a well-installed CCTV system provides is invaluable, deterring potential intruders and providing evidence in case of any incidents.

As an added bonus they also have access to a doorbell camera via mobile, tablet or PC without an ongoing subscription cost vs paid products such as Ring.

Not only that, the entire CCTV system can be accessed via web browser from mobile phones, tablets and computers from anywhere at anytime.

Our client is thrilled with the outcome of the installation and has been utilising the doorbell camera a lot to manage courier deliveries.

Looking for a CCTV system?

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