Client Install: CCTV & Wi-Fi

This was a bit of a different CCTV & Wi-Fi install for one of our clients in the transport industry, they were looking to add more cameras and recording storage to an existing system and boost the Wi-Fi coverage out to their workshop. Typically, we would be called upon to install new CCTV systems from scratch, but our client wanted to stick with their existing system and expand its capabilities, which we were happy to accommodate.

In case you didn't already know, FortiTech are licensed under the Queensland Security Providers Act (1993) and can provide security advice and installations and can help you with your CCTV System design and install (license number 4589185

The Requirements

Our client wanted to expand on their existing CCTV system, adding more cameras to cover areas such as their rear fence, fuel bowser and main gate as well as increasing the storage capacity of their recordings in case of an incident.

They were also keen to improve the Wi-Fi coverage to areas outside of their main office, particularly around their drivers room and workshop.

Here is how we did it:

Taking our clients requirements we deployed an additional 4 cameras, a 14TB hard drive for storage and 2 TP-Link Wi-Fi access points to provide a solution consisting of:

  • Main Gate Plate Camera and Wi-Fi for pump connection 
  • Drivers room Wi-Fi 
  • Workshop Wi-Fi  
  • Rear Fence Camera 
  • Fuel Bowser Camera & Wi-Fi 
  • Relocation of Server Room Camera 

To roll out the project we teamed up with Chris from Illuminair Electrical to run network cable and terminate it back at to the server room in the office. This involved some tricky cabling through tin sheds and at height, definitely not what we would call fun on a sunny Queensland day, but hey, someone has to do it!

Once the system was all online we were able to program the new cameras to the existing system including the ability to access the CCTV feed remotely.

All up there was 2 full days onsite and a further day programming the software and minor adjustments to camera positioning.

Installation works:

  • Data cabling of cameras into the server location and terminate on CAT6 plugs
  • Installation and configuration of the additional storage on the network video recorder.
  • Configuration of CCTV software
  • Configuration of additional Wi-Fi access points onto the network.

The total cost for this project was $7,650 + GST, which covered:

  • Provision of an additional 4 cameras
  • An additional 14TB hard drive
  • 2 days labour
  • All network cabling, system design and configuration

With a colossal 14TB of storage on the NVR and all cameras are now recording 24/7.

The Wi-Fi coverage across the site improved immensely and there are now no longer any blackout spots for the drivers and maintenance crews.

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We are licensed under the Queensland Security Providers Act (1993) and can provide security advice and installations and can help you with your CCTV system.

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