Client Install: Line of Business Software server for a retail client

This week, we embarked on a pivotal project for one of our growing retail clients, aiming to boost their sales and improve their service ticketing with advanced Line of Business Software. Unlike typical cloud solutions, their chosen software necessitates an onsite server, highlighting a unique requirement in an era dominated by cloud-based platforms like Microsoft 365

The Challenge

Our client is adopting new Line of Business Software that seamlessly integrates point of sale, servicing, accounting, and stock control systems. Scheduled to go live next month, this software demands a robust onsite server to facilitate seamless operation across multiple departments. The server needed to meet specific criteria detailed in the project plan to support the software effectively.

Our Solution

Opting for a bespoke solution, we built a custom server tailored to our client's needs. Despite its compact size, the server is power-packed to efficiently handle the demands of the software and support connections from seven computers.

This server's specifications:

  • Latest Intel CPU
  • 32GB DDR RAM 
  • 2TB drive high speed SSD

Strategically positioned next to the Accounts office printer, the server also incorporates a KVM switch to allow the Accounts team to manage the server using an existing monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Data Security and Recovery: NAS and Veeam

In addition to the server install, we also implemented backups for their system in the form of a QNAP 2 bay NAS capacity with 4TB of space to accommodate the new server backups, integrating Veeam for robust backup and offsite replication. This approach fortified our client's data security and recovery capabilities. 

The compact size of the NAS allows it to be hidden away as needed.

All of the hardware was backed up by an existing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect fr om power surges and provide a period of run time during any power outages.

The Cost

Onsite servers, once synonymous with being expensive, large and clunky are now able to be deployed in much more economical and streamlined designs, such as this. The total project cost was $6,000 + GST including all hardware and professional services to get the client up and running. 

The Outcome

Delivered on time, the new server setup allows our client to get their third party provider to install the software on a fast and capable platform which will last them for years with disaster recovery and backups in place to ensure they are covered.

Looking for a new server?

Whether your existing server is in need of replacement or you are expanding, there are a multitude of options available to suit your needs, to discuss your options and pricing, give us a call or send through an email