6 Reasons To Consider Security Cameras For Your Business

6 Reasons To Consider Security Cameras For Your Business

To help our customers protect their business even further, FinTechnologies
has expanded its range of services to include the supply and installation of Hikvision commercial security cameras. Hikvision is recognised as the world’s number 1 video surveillance equipment provider with cameras offering HD and 4K (12MP) resolution along with both waterproof and blastproof casings.

There are various advantages and benefits of using commercial security cameras for business, particularly when it comes to protection against the various risks that could potentially inflict serious damage to your operation. Here are six major reasons why you should install a video surveillance system in your business if you have not done so yet.

Advantages/Benefits of Security Cameras for Business

Increases the overall security and safety of your business

Installing a surveillance system to achieve 24/7 monitoring of your business premises has been proven as an effective safeguard against threats that could sabotage your operation. The prevalence of remote monitoring means that business owners can check their property using a computer or smartphone or choose to have the system monitored by a security service.

Protect your business against employee theft, burglaries, and fraud. For retailers, it also protects your business against shoplifting.

A typical company can lose as much as 5% of its revenue due to fraud. The installation of security cameras for business is a proven, effective deterrent against said risks.

Enhance the perception of your business to customers

A commercial security system can improve the overall perception of customers to your business as it shows that you put importance on their safety and security.

Prevent high legal costs due to false or dishonest claims

Having a video surveillance system in place can protect a business against false claims due to incidents like injuries and harassment as its recorded footage can serve as video and audio evidence of what really took place on the site.

Monitors employee activities

As a business owner, the productivity of your staff is very important. You can monitor their performance at once if you have a monitoring system. Knowing that they are under surveillance can encourage employees to perform at their best and will discourage incidences of employee theft.

Video surveillance systems are cost efficient and scalable

With the affordability and scalability security cameras for business, especially modern wireless IP security systems, businesses can easily expand their systems as their business and security needs grow.

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