ProTech Plus Managed Services

Technology That Solves Real Business Problems

There are a lot of Managed Service Providers out there.  And most of them handle your computer needs.

But what about the rest of your technology?

That's why businesses choose our ProTech Plus package: they get the help they need when it comes to ANY technology.  And that technology might include:

  • Your hardware and software
  • Office applications 
  • Internet and data
  • VoIP & video conferencing
  • Data security & backup
  • CCTV systems
  • Audio-video and conferencing
  • Website development & maintenance

The value's not in some theoretical ROI or cost saving (though your technology expenses are reduced). ProTech Plus is aimed at solving real, everyday problems to help your business run better:

  • Handle just one simple invoice for all your technology every month, know the exact amount you’ll pay - no hidden costs
  • Have just one number to call or email to send, no matter what your technology problem
  • Keep your business on the cutting edge with upgrades to the latest technology every 36 months (and the option to upgrade earlier too)
  • Be supported by a provider who scales your technology as your business grows, leave maintenance and upgrades to someone else
  • Don't worry about time-consuming equipment warranties

If you need a managed services provider who can support ALL your technology needs, contact us to set up a free, 1 on 1 consultation..

FortiTech believe in making technology as easy as possible.

As such we aim to be the single point of contact for all your technology needs.

You need Managed IT Services that are more than just “services” – you need tailored, customised support, software and hardware solutions that cover all aspects of your business.

How Your Business Benefits From ProTech Plus

We've discovered that businesses like yours want technology that solves real business problems and delivers a real improvement to their bottom line. This is how we achieve that.

"Getting FortiTech to look after our IT infrastructure has made things simple, easy and the costs predictable."

David Douglas, Brisbane Tax Accountants
Tailored Support Services
Every FortiTech client receives completely customised support and service.  All of our services are built and aligned towards meeting your business’ unique needs and goals, which means you're supported when and how you need to be.

Bundled Technology Packages
For a business who wants a single, easy-to-calculate cost for the technology (on a per user basis), it makes sense to bundle.  It also delivers a unified technology network that makes it easier and quicker to get you up and going again should an unlikely issue occur.

Highly-Skilled, Highly-Qualified Technicians
Our technicians are familiar with all the technology you need to support your business' goals and vision.  From installation or migration to product upgrades and instant support, our techs are always available to help your business function more smoothly than ever before.

Managed Equipment Lifecycles
Your technology won't last forever.  With FortiTech, it doesn't have to.  Get your equipment upgraded every 36 months without spending a cent more, or upgrade earlier and renew the contract.  Regardless of what you choose, everything is included in your flat, monthly fee.

Align your managed IT services to accomplish YOUR goals, vision and business success


A predictable, straight-forward and up-front monthly cost covering all your technology


One contact for all your technology needs to help make it easier for you


Our tailored solutions cover all aspects of your technology so you will never be left high and dry

Your Office. Tailored Solutions.

Whether it's in the boardroom, office or the on the road, FortiTech have the Total Technology you need to do your best business.

What's more, we partner with the best technology vendors so you get the equipment most effective, most robust and most able to support you.  So whether we use Microsoft to run your desktop PCs, Dell to deliver your lap-tops or WatchGuard to protect your networks, you know you’re supported by the cutting edge.

Our comprehensive, all-inclusive packages scale from 10 to 100+ users while staying at the same flat, monthly price.

Business Strategy 

  • Monthly vCIO meetings to map technology to business goals
  • Identification of evolving opportunities and technology trends and threats to your business and keeping you competitive 
  • Ensure your business remains compliant as laws change

In The Office & MD's Home

  • The latest in desktop and laptop PCs kept up to date
  • Lightning-fast, business-grade internet with no download/upload limits
  • A VoIP office phone system delivering crystal clear communication
  • Powerful server technology to store your files and LOB apps
  • Network switches and Wifi connecting your business
  • All supported and remotely monitored 24x7 to keep you and your staff 

In The Boardroom

  • The latest audio-visual technology, such as interactive touch screens and crystal clear stereo sound
  • All of your conferencing needs, including audio conferencing through your VoIP system or video conferencing via PC

Protecting Your Business

  • Antivirus on all systems protecting you from threats
  • Email antispam so you don't waste time deleting email each day
  • WatchGuard firewalls that ensure your data is always safe
  • Ever-reliable backups to protect and preserve your critical data and in the vent of an issue get you up and going onsite or the cloud
  • Power protection that keep everything safe


  • Everything you need to build a web-site you're proud of, including design, hosting and ongoing maintenance
  • Website analytics so you know what can be improved online to boost your marketing or sales
  • Onsite SEO optimisation that catapults your site up the ranks of search results
  • Digital marketing, such as email newsletters and blog posts, that gets your name out there and builds relationships with customers

What You Get From FortiTech

Imagine a reliable managed IT services partner you can trust to not just keep the lights on, but work as hard as you to your business successful. A locally-based, responsive IT services partner that’s fixing and optimising the technology your business relies on without you saying a word. An expert IT services partner with a staff of fully-qualified and skilled engineers trained to not just fix problems or install servers, but to consult, engage and get the most from your technology... the way you need it.

That managed IT services partner is FortiTech.

Get a Free Consultation

In a 2015 survey, 45% of businesses asked in Asia-Pacific stated they had already moved their technology management to an external partner. If you need your technology strategy to be handled with the expertise of a full-time CIO working for your business (but without the expense), get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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